Blinded by love

Dating has now become the hot topic of all conversations. Most conversations are either about dating or eventually lead to the topic of dating. If one is not talking about it, one is thinking about it. After all as David De Angelo rightly said “Attraction is not a choice”. One may or may not want to fall in love, but the happening of such an event, is inevitable.

Today dating has become a part of every man’s routine. Everyone eats, drinks and talks. Similarly, everyone dates. So the question to ask is, why has dating become such an important part of our lives? The answer to this is as simple as the fact that every man wants to be noticed. Just like he is attracted to someone, he craves for someone to be attracted to him. He wants someone to listen to his thoughts, ideas and opinions on various matters. He wants to find someone, who understands him and appreciates him for who he is.

This self-obsessive and narcissistic attitude of man has proved to be quite profitable for various other men who are themselves tangled up in this love net, but are smart enough to not let their customers escape it. Business ventures such as local dating serviceand online dating services have enjoyed their share of a good turnover all thanks to growing need for attention of the insatiate man. These services not only make men blinded by love, but also make them pay money for the same. This offer of theirs is hard to resist. And any man, who is head over heels in love, has no choice but to accept it. After all fooling someone might be a tough task, but if someone himself wants to be fooled, then the task turns out to be a cake walk.

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