Cheap and Free Wedding Venues Idea

Wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration and we want to make the celebration so perfect. However, a perfect and memorable wedding is always identical with high cost, while most of us are having low budget. One of the biggest spending would be on the venue. If we are having a tight cost, then it had better for us to check these tips, so we can save a lot of money. The first venue that can be our consideration is one on the natural setting. The nature is the best background than any interior. Therefore, not only will we save a lot of money, but also minimize the decoration. What can be better than that? We can choose park, beach or mountain as our wedding venue.

The second place is restaurant. If we have a favorite sky-dinning restaurant or beach front restaurant, then we can make it as our wedding venue. If we rent a hall, we have to pay the hall and catering, but if we are choosing restaurant, we can skip the catering and get quite a big discount. Third, if we or our parents have a large beautiful garden, then why don’t we make a wedding celebration on the garden? We just need to rent tablet and chairs and add some decorations without spending even a penny for the wedding venues renting.

We can also choose galleries or museums. These venues are quite unusual, but actually these places can be so perfect for several wedding themes. Make sure to visit some museums and galleries in our local areas, we will be surprise on how beautiful our wedding reception it possibly be. Galleries or museums as wedding venue are highly recommended for those couples who love art or really pay much attention on our history, including those who work on related fields.


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