Color Your World with Pieces Hair Wigs

Put on pieces human hair wigs is coming out with new colors that you’ll love! Stripes to feathers to colored bangs! Check them out and see why our fans love them.

Feeling a little funky? Get funky with some stripes human hair wigs! Our new human hair wigs add a dramatic impact without the commitment of mistreating and coloring your human hair wigs! This 1-inch wide clip-ins is made with Tru2Life fibers so you can curl and straighten them to match your own hair. I love these because you can add one or several throughout your human hair wigs; you can even wrap it around a bun or add to your ponytail.

Looking for fun feathers to accent your hair? Human hair wigs are a great way to add color and individuality! I personally like to add more than one feather to my human hair wigs for a more dramatic look. You could even try mixing it up and adding a variation of colors.

Your bangs are what people notice first, so why not give them something to talk about? Our colorful human hair wigs are the new trend today! It truly does give your extra pop you’ve been missing out on. I love how the color just adds so much style to your human hair wigs! Pair it with a cute scarf and you’re good to go.



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