Find a variety of Celtic engagement rings

Shoppers will find a variety of Celtic engagement rings at Some of these rings are named after Scottish towns and plants.

The pavé section and prongs of the Edinburgh ring are inspired by the ancient city’s architecture. This ring has a round diamond in the center and eight round diamonds on the sides. The Glasgow ring has an oval diamond in the center. This ring was inspired by the designs of a famous Glasgow architect. The round diamond in the Inverness ring has an epaulette stone on each side.

The Bluebell and Malllow engagement rings have round diamonds in their centers. Prongs shaped like petals surround the diamond in the Bluebell ring, and engraving on the shank of the Mallow ring looks like mallow petals. Matching wedding rings are available for both of these rings.

Celtic ring sets are also available. The Fair Isle set is named after a Scottish island. The engagement ring has a round center diamond with a pear-shaped diamond on each side. The wedding band is set with a row of diamonds. This set can be made with white, yellow or rose gold.

The Cava ring set is named after the island of Cava. The engagement ring has a round diamond. Shoppers can order a plain wedding band or one that has pavé diamonds.

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