Having fun with your wedding dress

Traditionally, many brides have worn white and cream dresses; many people wear these colors to uphold traditions. Some people have it all twisted thinking that the white color in wedding dresses signifies virtue; wearing a white wedding dress was a symbol of wealth. It was a symbol that you were wealthy enough to afford an extravagant dress. The dress was worn because of its style and not its color.

Today, white is widely accepted as the traditional wedding color and one can find high-end wedding dresses are to be using the various shades of white. The color is thought to mean purity and innocence of the bride. Other colors that have been used to design wedding dresses include pink, cream, yellow, light blue among others. Your wedding dress is the perfect day to display your amazing eye for style; it would be a shame to restrict yourself to only one color.

Overtime, wedding dresses, just as much as everything else, have changed. Brides are more liberal with the colors they wear on their special day. There is a popular belief that a bride who wears blue on her wedding day will forever have the husband’s loyalty. Wearing pink wedding dresses has also gained popularity over the years. Other colors like red are considered a taboo in west, maybe because it is the color of blood.

Your wedding dress is your chance to show your unique sense of style. The wedding dress by itself is a fashion statement that displays some degree of your personality. Many wedding dresses use a substantial amount of pearls, beads and other forms of decorations. Some brides believe that a change in color from the traditional white is a fashion statement in itself.



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