High Flyers Can Need Help to Find Friends

There are sacrifices that women might need to make to have a successful career. That can involve not marrying while childhood friends marry and have children. Business success can engender a single minded approach to life which brings financial reward and intellectual satisfaction but no close male friends. No career lasts forever.


Career women are often seen as confident people, determined and in control of their lives. Certainly they will have the financial independence that was not available years ago. However, leading a busy life in a high powered job often leaves little time for anything or anybody else.

Careers do come to an end. If life has been full of business associates and clients, retirement can be a bit of a blow. A woman who has made a great success of a career may present a challenge to single men of a similar age. Not everyone would want a determined and successful woman as a partner. It can be the source of problems for a woman who suddenly finds herself on her own.

It is quite possible to lead a busy and satisfying life alone, but it’s also natural to want companionship in later life, no matter how independent a woman may have been during her career.


It is perhaps not possible for such a woman to completely reinvent herself, nor should she need to, it is simply a case of finding like-minded people for companionship who won’t feel intimidated by a strong, independent woman. Many fictional stories have been based around the development of a relationship before the characters reveal their true identities. If a relationship is blossoming the feelings can develop before the ‘whole truth’ comes out.  If a man finds a successful woman’s company relaxing and fun, any ‘intimidation’ factor should never surface. This may be exaggerating the point but it is important to take people at face value.

A successful woman may need introductions in the same way as others of a similar age, but different background, may need. There are Internet websites that invite membership which allow a profile to be published and receive responses from potential new friends.

No pre conditions

There is no obligation to meet anyone that likes the profile and sends an email. Things can stay at this electronic level and go no further.

Even when it comes to a first meeting, which is more often than not in a public place, it will be by mutual consent, with a second meeting only if both parties think it went well. The vetting system that a good dating service will implement means there is little chance of men whose motives are less than honourable being able to meet women, vulnerable or otherwise.

Senior dating UK is an example of a service which provides the opportunity to meet new people who similarly are looking for friendship and companionship. Wherever you live in the UK, you can be sure there will be others close by looking for the same thing.

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