Hosting a Corporate Wedding Party

When an important member of a company gets married, it’s an excellent time to host a corporate wedding party. These parties are delightful events for all members within a corporation, allowing everyone to celebrate the joyous occasion. A perfectly timed wedding party, especially after a particularly stressful, turbulent quarter or deadline, can help employees to relax and enjoy themselves within the company.

Where to Host the Party

Depending on the weather and season, a wedding party could be hosted in a variety of locations. The most popular locations tend to be large indoor event venues, in order to host the large guest list. An outdoor event can be far more forgiving as far as space goes; however, predicting good weather can be difficult in some regions.

Catering Food & Choosing Activities

With large corporate parties, food is very important. The menu should be relatively expansive, offering a delicious, allergen-free option for everyone. The most common allergens should be avoided, such as peanuts and shellfish. A large wedding cake or wedding cupcakes is also an excellent idea, as the cake is generally the focal point of a wedding event. Wedding party activities could include a fundraiser, fun wedding themed games, or even a comedic performance regarding life and marriage. It’s important to keep the guests entertained and well fed for a successful wedding party; skilled event production nyc can sort out activities to increase guest engagement and happiness.

Inviting Employees

Employees should be invited to the corporate party 60 days in advance. In addition, they should be permitted to bring an additional guest, also known as a “plus one.” Most companies will choose to email invitations or hand them out to employees in the office; however, employees could also receive beautifully decorated invitations through the postal service. The invitation should include any dress code requirements, which tend to be formal for wedding party events.

A properly planned corporate wedding party can be fun for each and every employee. It’s also a great way to increase employee moral and promote job satisfaction.

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