How All Inclusive Wedding Packages in Atlanta Can Save You Money and Your Sanity

Getting married can be one of the happiest days of your life — and it can also be one of the most expensive. According to CNN, the average cost of a wedding last year was $28,400. That’s a big chunk of change, no matter who you are!

Choosing an all inclusive wedding package if you are getting married in Atlanta can help you save a lot of money to make sure that you truly enjoy your big day and are not consumed with worry. Here are a few ways that all inclusive wedding packages in Atlanta can help you to save money (and maybe even your sanity):

One-Stop Discount

Many all inclusive wedding packages are provided by a single vendor. These are providers that not only offer you the venue but also offer you the catering, the floral arrangements, the table and chair rentals, and so on. Because these vendors provide all of these services in one place, they have lower overall overhead than numerous, individual vendors would have when they are brought together. Therefore, you are able to save money by using their services instead of bringing together numerous individuals.


Even all inclusive vendors who do not offer all the services themselves can still offer you discounts by networking with other vendors and forming mutually beneficial relationships with them. Your all inclusive provider may have exclusive relationships with certain vendors, and in exchange, that vendor may offer them a discount on services. That savings can be passed along to you, helping your bottom line.


All inclusive wedding vendors are able to streamline your wedding planning process by taking care of everything in one place. This can help save you money by reducing the amount of research, vendor management, and other time-consuming activities you have to do. It also reduces the likelihood of you making mistakes that could cost you a lot of money to fix, such as under or overbooking a caterer or forgetting to book the DJ in time.

All inclusive wedding packages are a great way to save money on your wedding so that your big day doesn’t end up becoming your big debt for many years to come. If you are getting married in Atlanta, consider using an all inclusive wedding provider for your ceremony and reception.

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