How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

After the cake has been sliced, the flowers have wilted, and you are moving onto new phases in your lives; your wedding photographs will always tell your wedding story. Effectively capturing and creating your story requires the uncanny eye and ability of a wedding photojournalist. As one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your wedding, choosing the right wedding photographer can be simplified understanding the following topics. 

No matter how many referrals you received for the photographer, nothing can substitute your personal opinion of the photographer. Because of this, you should have developed a personal relationship with the photographer before the wedding. Whether you choose to meet in person or through phone conversations, you should be able to easily gauge whether the “chemistry” is right. If you don’t feel the right “chemistry” with a photographer, you should undoubtedly continue searching.

You Get What You Pay For
While you may find that doing your own programs and other paper items will save a lot of money, you shouldn’t look to cut costs with your photographer. Since the wedding is a seemingly once-in-a-lifetime event, you should employ someone who isn’t afraid to ask for appropriate compensated for their extraordinary talents. In doing so, you can gain a perspective on your wedding that you would have never received.

Personal Style
Undoubtedly, you will want the story of your wedding to be infused with your very own personal style. This means that the photographer should also be able to encompass elements of your style into their own. Whether you are leaning toward a more classic style of photography, vintage, or more artistic; your personal style choices should be implemented into the finished product. You should take a significant amount of time to review the photographer’s portfolio to see if you can envision your wedding through their lens.

Photographers Vision
One of the best things about a great photographer is their uncanny vision to capture the most special moments. In addition, great photographers have a keen instinct for capturing the key elements of your wedding. You may want to inquire whether the photographer will have an assistant or a second shooter. Additional photographers offer the different angles and different artistic impressions of several shots.

One of the most important aspects of choosing a photographer is understanding their perspective on lighting. To choose the best photographer, you should look at pictures that resemble your venue’s lighting. If your venue features low lighting, a photographer’s pictures of a similar venue with only black and white shots or blurry pictures would indicate that low light scenes are not the photographer’s forte. Choosing a photographer that can create standalone light scenes can prove to be imperative in a darker venue.

The composition refers to how the photographer set up the photo. Photographers are always looking for new and interesting ways to tell your wedding story. When you are reviewing portfolios, it should raise an alarm if all of the pictures are taken from the same angle. In addition, you should pay special attention to how the photographer makes each moment special and more interesting. When you see a picture and you instantly feel as if you were there or in the moment, you are looking at a great composition.

Photographer’s Tools
Unless you are a camera guru, asking the photographer about their equipment will not offer any further insight. However, as you review different portfolios, you will clearly see that each photographer uses different tools to convey the story through their voice. A common tool used is the warmth film, which offers an unparalleled texture for your pictures.

  • If a photographer mentions film, it more than likely means that the photographer has experience using a dark room, which means they have a more in depth understanding of cameras well beyond digital. This feature may result in pictures that simply look different and have an unparalleled quality to it. 

Moldable Packages
Once you reduce the number of potential photographers down to three or four, you should begin scheduling meetings to review packages. Simply put, each photographer may package their photos in a completely different manner.

Some photographers only include their time and their materials, while offering add-on options for all the other services. Another photographer may include materials, time, proofs in an album, enlargements, and customized photos in a custom album. However, the optimum photographer is one that allows you to customize your package.

With a la carte options, you can choose which options you want to use, while leaving others out. Most importantly, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you see fit. Once all of your concerns have been addressed, you should make sure your package is as fined tuned to your specifications as possible.

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