How to Have a Backyard Wedding

Whether you are looking for a budget friendly wedding or something different, a backyard wedding might be the right choice for you. According to a bridal article, backyard weddings are “the new ballroom”. Backyard weddings can be as elegant or as low-key as you desire. While you can have the dance floor, hanging candle lights, and a jazz band you can also take a cheaper route with do-it-yourself decorations and items that you borrowed from friends. In another article, it continued with the idea that backyard weddings can have all the elegance of a traditional wedding but on a much cheaper scale. Instead of renting out a hall you could have all the activities in your own (or parents) backyard. Image spending your wedding budget on practical items such as replacing your own patio or your parent’s home walkway. Although you are refitted it for your wedding, you will also benefit from the retrofitting and be able to enjoy it for many years to come. From do-it-yourself invites to a made-up photo booth with a digital camera and Photoshop, you too can have a great wedding in your own backyard.

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