I’m Selling Herb Grinders in My Tobacco Shop

I’m the manager of a tobacco shop in the mountains of Colorado. Ever since marijuana was legalized in our state opportunities have opened up for shops to sell accessories and paraphernalia associated with smoking weed. One such item that I want to start offering for sale in my store is a custom herb grinder. This is an item that a lot of my customers have been asking about and they have shown a great deal of interest in purchasing one. You have to give the customers what they want. They are our livelihood and can make us or break us.

I searched the internet for a company that offers these herb grinders at wholesale prices. It did not take me that long to find what seemed to be the most reputable company out there. I was extremely pleased to find that they have high-quality grinders that can be completely customized to my liking. There are a variety of colors to choose from. I can even have our company name printed on the outside of it. What better way to advertise? Keeping our store name visible is the best marketing out there. As an added bonus, they offer bulk discounts depending on how many you order.

I decided to go ahead and place an order with a variety of colors with our store name and logo printed on them. Their shipping policy states that my order will be shipped within four days. I was glad to see that. I have a lot of customers that are anxiously waiting to purchase one of these grinders. I think some of them are going to be given as Christmas gifts since it is right around the corner. While I’m waiting on my order I am going to clear a shelf in my display case so this is one of the first items seen when walking into the store.

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