John Studzinski as a Founder of Genesis Foundation

John Studzinski is a senior managing director of the Blackstone group. He works with many charities and is a founder and chairman of the Genesis Foundation.  John Studzinki was hitting charitable giving is a poor way to get tough on the rich. He said by limiting charitable giving the Government is getting tough on the very recipients of that charity. Well, just for information, there are four types of philanthropist available in the world. But the heart of community is the Passionate Philanthropist. Passionate Philanthropist gives on a consistent basis to a particular cause or causes and acts as a kind of ambassador of Philanthropy.

Do you know that a tax relievable sum representing 245 of this kind person income will still be substantial and well worth any charity’s attention?  In this time, the New Philanthropist is the successful entrepreneur who wanting to make a mark on society by setting up a foundation or a charity and who deserves to be encouraged. John Studzinski has a lot of good ideas that sometimes makes people think a lot. He also creates Genesis Prize for world of arts. Well, Genesis prize is not intended as yet another beano to celebrate the triumphs of the great and good. It is designed to recognize achievement, but its specific aim is to recognize an individual who excels at enabling other people to excel.

The idea for the prize came to him during last year’s celebration for the 10th anniversary of the Genesis Foundation. The artists need people around them to provide support and inspiration and to channel their work to the public. Genesis Foundation is established by John Studzinski in 2001 is created to provide emerging talents with access to experts who can give guidance while opening the way to new opportunities. If you want to know more about John Studzinski, you can click on the name on the article.


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