Shopping and Saving on Cyber Monday

Anyone who buys a lot of Christmas presents knows that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two best days to get this done. I always thought that Cyber Monday meant getting good deals on computers and other technical things, but I learned last year that it covers just about everything! That is why I did a search for Cyber Monday 2016 prediction on best deals so I could get started early this year, to try to find the best products for our home including some kitchen appliances, since I read about the best built in microwaves reviews  that you can find online. I am not going out anymore on cold days after Thanksgiving to get the best deals when I can sit home and get them on Cyber Monday.

There are so many advantages to shopping this way. I have never been a huge fan of shopping, but I always considered it the thing that we have to do in order to get the best deals possible. I never enjoyed the hustle and bustle of it, especially when this is supposed to be a season where the best in people comes out even more. This is something that just doesn’t seem to exist on Black Friday though, from my own experience. I don’t like the crowded parking lots, the long lines, or the rude customers, so shopping from my own couch definitely sounded better to me.

It was really nice to be able to find a site that has a lot of info on it for Cyber Monday. They collect all of the ads from the various stores that have the best deals, and they send out email alerts letting their subscribers know when another store has put out a new ad for Cyber Monday. There are also predictions there as well as trends from last year, which help make the predictions for what stores will be offering this year. It is just a win win situation for me, and I cannot wait to start shopping and saving.

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