The Military Style in The Women’s Clothing

The military style is a combination of masculinity and romance. This style is one of the darlings of the autumn. Military is practical, reasonably strict and collected style. It is also good for everyday.

The military style has gained popularity in the late 1960s, when fashion moved away from the decorative and psychedelic image and turned to the military uniform.

Clothes in this style are characterized by the following features:

  • Tight-fitting shape silhouette;
  • Dominant colors- marsh, khaki, protective color or the shades of “dirt”;
  • petite pants of black color
  • Special accessories: wide belts, berets, strict watch,
  • Discreet rectangular bags made of rough skin, coins, military ribbons,
  • Massive-colored bracelets;
  • Rough leather boots.

At first glance it seems that this style is only suitable for men. However, designers have created many wonderful collections for women: such clothing, despite the rude cut, it looks feminine and elegant. The concept of “military” emerged after the First World War. In this period was the production of military uniforms in the surplus. Normal, everyday clothes were in short supply. So people had to use the uniforms for domestic purposes. Thus was born the famous trench coat. The military style originated through the work of the hippies in the ’60s of the last century. It is considered that the founder of the fashion of the military style became the famous Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, he became the first who introduced the stylish uniforms. Since then, the military style in women’s clothes strong presence at the podiums at all times, acquiring new fashion items.

Daily military style

If you select a daily form – as the basis of design, models made of camouflage fabric or from the traditional military monochromatic fabric “protective” color. The models that are based on the daily form are cut free petite pants, pockets, t-shirts, shirts with pockets and lapels.

This season, the cardigans of any model and any color are the top of the fashion. Pay attention that today the most actual are – wool and knitwear cardigans, of the chocolate and pastel shades, long almost to the knee.

Trendy accents also – the large wooden buttons, hood, patches on the sleeves, multiple layers (when you worn under a cardigan not one shirt, but also a few items of clothing, such as T-shirt and a sweater).

The military style in women’s clothing is complemented by appropriate shoes and accessories: heavy army boots, hats of camouflage, metal chain with tokens, bags, plates and leather belts.

Military – it is not a wish to become more courageous, not propaganda for war, or feminism. Stylization of the suit under army uniform lets you look unusual and always stay in the fashion trends. There are not so many women in uniform. And all we want to try to feel ourselves like in the army, about which men so fond of telling.

Tyrone Neal, designer and style blogger, is telling about the military style in the women’s clothing and gives tips on online womens shopping in Canada. Read author’s post to learn how to create stunning unique look.

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