Tips for Planning Corporate Events

For many people, planning corporate events is a challenging process. Unless you’re a professional party planner, most likely you don’t have a lot of experience putting together events for several hundred people. The following tips will get you on your way to making your next event a big success.

Plan ahead
When you’re planning any sort of large event, the sooner you can start, the better. Many venues, caterers, and other event staff book up well in advance. It is not unusual for a popular reception hall or event photographer to schedule events more than a year out. For more large scale events, it’s ideal to start planning four to five months in advance. Secure your venue and caterer and then start working on the smaller details for the function.

Stick to your budget
Be realistic about your budget and stay within your means. As you never know when there will be unexpected expenses that pop up, make sure to leave some extra cash so that you can cover these inevitable surprises, such as sales tax and service fees.

Stay organized
There is a lot of paperwork involved in planning a major function, such as contracts, lists, agreements, and seating charts. Create an organizational system for your paperwork, and make copies of the most important documents in case something happens to the originals.

Send out the invitations three to four weeks in advance
You want to time your invitations just right so that people have enough notice to block out the date on their calendars but not so much notice that they forget about the event. If you need a set head count, request that guests RSVP. Plan on calling or emailing people who don’t reply so that you can get an accurate figure.

If you’re looking for more advice about planning corporate events Des Plaines or you have any questions during the planning process, talk to other companies that put on large corporate functions. They can offer tips and insight about things that have and haven’t gone well during previous events.

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