Vintage style wedding dresses – the new trend of the past decade

Most of brides can no longer admire out-of-date princess or mermaid style gowns. Even Kate Middleton or Hollywood stars preferred lace vintage style wedding dresses. The reason may be very obvious as many ladies got sick and tired of observing puffy wedding dresses with full skirts even on rock stars let alone they got sick and tired of wearing corsets for all prom parties too. Now they want something really romantic and feminine, very unique and inimitable. But at the same time all brides starve to keep the true romance about the dress.

Such styles as titanic dresses or empire dresses may be one of the probable styles popular among alternative brides. Recently all brides who refused to wear standard Grecian, mermaid or princess wedding gowns were called alternative. But now this term seems to be out of date too. Nataya dresses is California based brand which is popular among US and Canadian brides. This brand includes such wedding styles as la belle époque ballerina dresses, classic and neo-classic empire dresses with the classic upper waist elements, boho style garments, the aforementioned titanic dresses, the 1920’s inspired art-deco and art-novo dresses, and flapper style outfits. The list is incomplete, and if you are a bride and looking for something really worthy and unique you may discover the choice No.1 among most of alternative and retro inspired brides.

By the way, the term “retro” and term “vintage” can be easily mistaken. Now most of fashionistas used to call vintage almost everything in tulle or laces which was either released during the 1920’s-1960’s or everything that was released on our days but styled as the aforementioned epochs. So, in other words, the terms “vintage” and “vintage style” are appearing now as a common term. But what about retro wedding dresses?

Retro wedding dress is now nothing but the vintage styled wedding dress. So if you are looking for something new but styled as vintage and you have no intention to find the true vintage gown (worn by many brides before) you may use this term instead. It may be really useful. Only desperate brides may put on the true vintage dresses worn by Monroe and many other brides even this dress is of good quality. And, definitely, bride starts searching for some kinds of wedding apparel styled as vintage or one of beloved epochs. Which is more important, some brands like aforementioned Nataya brand carry such kind of apparel at reasonable prices which may turn out to be lower than the price of the true vintage dress worn by Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe.

Thus, the brand of vintage style wedding dresses starts spiraling and the number of brides who prefer vintage style dresses in different length and epoch increases rapidly day by day. It is really interesting to find out what comes next…


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